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welcome to mindfulness


You may have heard about mindfulness, you may have put it into the same category as chai lattes and dreadlocks, that’s cool, I did too. Until I saw the science. A simple Google search with yield hundreds, if not, thousands of research papers supporting the hypothesis that mindfulness is beneficial for us humans. The evidence ranges from the fact that it can improve our relationships and our memory to the fact that it can help us to sleep more soundly at night. Of course it is not a cure-all, however when it is embraced wisely, as part of an integrated wellbeing and performance program, it is honestly magic.

I fell in love with mindfulness when I saw what it was doing for my clients in the therapy room. Working as a psychologist, I included mindfulness in my tool kit and it was, by far, the tool that provided the most relief. Working with this evidence, I thought I might invite some of the techniques into my own life, to help me better navigate my own tendencies towards stress and crippling anxiety (plumber with the leaky tap!). Mindfulness has changed my life. It has changed the way I parent, it has nourished my marriage but most importantly, it has offered me the opportunity to get to know myself and, dare I say it, even like myself. My tendency towards anxiety is still there, I just manage it differently now.

At its core, mindfulness is about simply waking up to what is actually happening, rather than getting caught up in the stories about what we think is happening. It is paying attention to the present moment, with kindness, acceptance and patience. It provides us with a tool to separate reality from fantasy and to get back in touch with our hearts. It supports us to make choices that are based on our own truth and wisdom and in doing so, we can live with more ease and less pain.

Take a moment to consider now, what is mindlessness costing you? Your health? Your productivity? Your relationships?

Welcome to Mindfulness and welcome to Liv Mindfully.