We specialise in providing tailored solutions for organisations and schools, offering a range of face-to-face and technology enabled solutions.  We are unique because we bring together extensive experience working within corporate Australia and deep experience offering mindfulness-based and meditation solutions.



45 - 60 minute sessions

1. Mindfulness - Your Superpower

The superpower you already have (but perhaps don't know it yet!) that can bring more Presence, Peace and Productivity into your life.

2. Mindful Woman

My top 3 tips for thriving (rather than just surviving) as a woman in the modern workplace.

3. Mindful Sales

Unlock the potential in your sales team by supporting them to bring awareness into the sales process.



"Uncovering Peace"

Workplace Stress Management Program.

2 X 90 minute sessions delivered onsite complimented by either 2 X face to face/phone-based mindfulness coaching sessions. This is the perfect program if you are and your team are looking for some easy to implement stress management techniques to support your business to thrive within the seas of constant change.


"Unlocking Potential"

Workplace Mindfulness Program.

Our 5 + 1 module program includes an introductory session (60mins) and then 5 targeted 75-90 minute sessions complimented by a complete training manual, audio meditation classes and mindfulness leadership coaching for your executive team. This is the perfect program to introduce before all of your L&D and Wellbeing initiatives as "Unlocking Potential" will create the foundation for more effective attention and learning for all other workplace initiatives.


Speak with us about how you can weave mindfulness into your existing systems and processes such as leadership training, on boarding, recruitment and L&D.  

We will become your trusted mindfulness advisor and will teach you how to imbed mindfulness within your workplace.


Delivered via phone or skype

Meet with your mindfulness coach to support you to apply mindfulness to both your personal and professional life.