Mindfulness Educator
Meditation Teacher


“Mindfulness offers us so much more than happiness (while this can be a lovely side-effect!), it presents us with a way of seeing and a way of being that can restore the richness and the depth to life that we are all craving and, in the process we may even stumble across the answers to some of our really big questions. Mindfulness has changed the direction of my career but more importantly, the direction of my life and for that I am eternally grateful”

Liv Downing has over 15 years experience working with organizations and individuals to support them to work and live to their fullest potential. She is a Registered Psychologist, Coach and Meditation Teacher and offers consulting and coaching to individuals, groups and organizations. 

Liv began her career working with children with autism and learning delays and then moved into working with young adults within a psychosocial rehabilitation setting. After completing her post-graduate studies, she moved into organizational psychology and worked with Hudson Human Capital Solutions. Moving through the levels of Hudson, she found herself managing a virtual team of over 50 consultants and designing and implementing large-scale national human resources solutions for high profile Australian organizations. 

While she loved the buzz of the corporate world, her true passion lay in helping people unlock their potential. So, she hung up her suit and heels and moved back into the clinical space, working in private practice counselling. It is here she was trained in Mindfulness-Based Therapy and she immediately recognized the power and efficacy of this technique for both individuals and organizations.

Following a three-year period living in the United States, where she set up Liv Mindfully, she returned to Australia and became part of the team to design and deliver the corporate program for Smiling Mind. As a mother of two boys she experienced first-hand the benefits of mindfulness in parenting and was thrilled to be involved in the development of the Smiling Mind parenting program – Mind the Bump. In 2015 she was part of the team to set up Australia’s first Mind and Body Studio, Happy Melon, making in-person mindfulness and meditation training accessible to the community. She continues to work within her own business, Liv Mindfully and provides consulting services to Smiling Mind and other partners.